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little_chicago's Journal

Playground for muses from The Dresden Files
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The Dresden Files (novels), The Dresden Files (TV show)
OK folks, so here's the deal.

This is a place where we can post The Dresden Files fandom-related ficlets/RP. That means playing together, more in the style of hp_random than prompt-fic based comms such as theatrical_muse. It's a playground - which means we're playing together.

The OOC comm for discussion / plotlines / etc. is at lil_chicago_ooc

Some points of interest:
- Membership for this community and the OOC one is moderated. Please request membership and then comment here to be added.

- Play nice. We're here to write and have fun, and so keep it in that spirit. No flaming, wanking, and personal attacks on other players.

- The above also means, if you are using another writer's muse for your writing for the comm, clear the storyline with the other mun. Please!

- Keep the IC/OOC line. I mean that - actions taken IC do NOT mean OOC likes/dislikes, etc. OOC knowledge should not be taken IC unless you find a way for the muse to find out. Let's play clean!

I'll try to keep the tags up-to-date with the muses and plotlines that are going on. If I'm missing something, feel free to poke at me over all means that you know available (from personal messages to the journal, to AIM/e-mail, etc.)

Questions? Comments? Feel free to tag here until I set up a post on the ooc comm for that.

And? Enjoy!

-- the current cast list can be found here. When requesting membership, please keep in mind that only one version of each character (TV and Novels regarded separately though) is currently allowed.
-- the current played-by list can be found here. When you're starting a new muse, please tag there with the name of their PB.